Frequently Asked Questions about Heat Pumps

Pacific Rim Heat Pumps sells and services Mitsubishi heating and cooling products in Port Alberni and Vancouver Island. There is often a lot of confusion about the difference between air conditioners and heat pumps, and which strategy is the best way to get your home to a comfortable living temperature no matter your environment.


What is a heat pump?

Simply put, a heat pump pumps heat from one place to another. By using refrigerant, it transfers heat energy between indoors and outdoors. So in winter, it extracts the heat energy from outdoors to heat your home, and in summer, it transfers the heat energy from indoors to outside, cooling your home.

What’s the benefit of having a heat pump versus a furnace and air conditioning unit?

heat pumps are energy efficient; using less power which cut costs for the homeowner
one central unit to service and maintain
incredibly quiet while operating
environmentally friendly

Does a heat pump only provide heat?

No, heat pumps are uniquely designed to provide both heating and air conditioning from one central unit. This is convenient, energy efficient, environmentally friendly and gives you significant savings in monthly bills.

What range of temperatures can a heat pump handle?

Because Vancouver Island, particularly Central Vancouver Island and the Pacific Rim communities of Port Alberni, Tofino and Ucluelet don’t have severe extremes in weather, your heat pump will easily handle cold snaps from -15°C, with some models to -25°C, and air conditioning will cool your home when temperatures are as high as 50°C. In very hot and humid climates, heat pumps are a preferred cooling system.

My house is large, can a heat pump deliver the heating and cooling I need?

Mitsubishi heat pumps are designed to efficiently and effectively heat and cool all sizes of homes.

I have a mobile home/ modular home – is a heat pump right for me?

Yes! We have installed many heat pumps in mobile homes. They are a fantastic solution for mobile homes due to how efficiently a heat pump heats or cools smaller spaces using less energy.

Will I have to replace all my current duct work?

No, Mitsubishi ductless heat pumps require no duct work upon installation or operation. The advantages of not using air ducts in a heating and cooling system are:
you will not lose 20-40% of your heat
the air in your home will be cleaner, conditioned air
you will feel even temperatures throughout your home

How often does a heat pump need to be serviced?

We recommend receiving a maintenance and servicing on your unit from Pacific Rim Heat Pumps Inc. at least once a year, following the year of installation, but some customers have requested a service to be done every six months. We can accommodate any preference.

How much does a service appointment cost?

A basic service appointment starts at $149.00 + GST. Depending on your heat pump system and the number of components in your residence and your location, there will be additional charges. Please contact us for a service quote.

I’d like to buy a heat pump myself and hire you to install it. What is the charge?

We are a certified Mitsubishi dealer and stand by the Mitsubishi products we represent. However, we can only guarantee, install and maintain units that have been purchased through Pacific Rim Heat Pumps Inc. and professionally installed by our trained staff.

If I purchase a heat pump, do I qualify for a rebate from the government?

All government rebates are available for each home owner to apply and qualify for independently. Pacific Rim Heat Pumps Inc. will provide the information and forms for application.

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