Pacific Rim Heat Pumps Inc. is an authorized dealer and factory-trained technician for sales, installation, and maintenance of Mitsubishi Electric Split Ductless Heat Pumps to customers in communities on Vancouver Island like Port Alberni, Nanaimo, and Parksville, BC.

Our efficient Multi-Split Heat Pump Systems connect up to eight individual indoor air handling units to a single outdoor condensing unit, providing heat or air conditioning to the rooms used most or the entire house. Our Nanaimo and Port Alberni customers have a wide selection of up to 8:1 combinations.

Our ductless heat pumps provide high speed heating or cooling, are whisper quiet and energy efficient. Customers can choose between floor-mounted, wall-mounted, or ceiling recessed options. To ensure that you choose the right heat pump installation option for your home, please contact us for a consultation.

Heat pump

  • Catechin Plus Air Purifying System
  • Variable Compressor Speed Inverter Technology
  • Ozone-Friendly R-410A Refrigerant
  • Significant Energy Savings (up to 30%)
  • Wide Selection of up to 8:1 combinations
  • Auto Change Over Between Cooling & Heating
  • Super-Quiet Technology – Only 19dB(A)
  • (MSZ-GE09NA)
  • High-Speed Cooling and Heating
  • Long Pipe Runs – Up to 230 ft.
  • Refrigerant Pre-Charged
  • Easy Installation – No Ductwork Needed
  • 5-Year Parts Warranty
  • 7-Year Compressor Warranty
Heat Pump
Ductless Heat Pump
Why Choose us

Mitsubishi Electric is the industry leader in split-ductless air-conditioning technology – period. Compare and you’ll see that no one surpasses the Mitsubishi Electric brand’s performance for quiet, easy-to-use, and energy-efficient operation. And because our split-ductless technology carries the Mitsubishi Electric name, you know every product is built to last. The bottom line is, Mitsubishi Electric systems deliver the ultimate in comfort control for your home or office. It’s true today and will be comfortably evident for years to come.