I have a mobile or modular home, is a heat pump right for me?

Mobile homes have become an affordable option for many people who want to own a home without a hefty mortgage payment. Fortunately, heating and cooling your mobile home can also come with a lower price tag. Pacific Rim Heat Pumps Inc. supplies, installs, and maintains Mitsubishi heat pump systems in Port Alberni, Parksville and Nanaimo, BC, and have provided this great heating and cooling solution to many mobile homeowners. If you’re wondering if it’s the perfect solution for you, read on for 5 Reasons Why a Mitsubishi Heat Pump is the Best Choice for Your Mobile Home.

Less Space to Heat and Cool

Most furnaces or AC units are designed with enough power to heat and cool a large house. Powerful units like this may not be the best application for the smaller footprint of your mobile home. You may benefit from a lot of hot or cold air, but it may not be utilized as well as it could be, resulting in inefficiencies and wasting power.

A Mitsubishi heat pump system, on the other hand, is customized to your mobile home’s square footage and layout. This will provide you the amount of heat and cooling you’ll need and want, keeping your home and family comfortable, while using much less power.


Speaking of power, traditional furnace and AC units use a lot of power when they turn on and off throughout the day and night. The ductless Mitsubishi heat pump system, with a soft start compressor, not only requires less power to run, but keeping it running reduces the on and off drain on your power that typically occurs with cycling furnace, air conditioning or electric baseboard unit. With this heat pump system in place, you’ll enjoy the comfort of warm or cool air without unnecessary power drains or extra costs on your monthly bill. The extra bonus? Mitsubishi ductless heat pumps are extremely quiet inside and outside, keeping you and your neighbours happy.

Space Saving

Heat pumps can save space in at least two ways. First, instead of needing both a furnace and an AC unit to provide your heat and air conditioning, a single heat pump system does it all. Second, as the name states, ductless Mitsubishi heat pumps don’t require ducting throughout the home. In some cases, this may mean that space previously used for a furnace can now be used for something else.


Heat pumps rely on electricity to function, thus protecting you from having to use fossil fuels or natural gas to heat and cool your home. Although furnaces are built in a way that reduces fire risks associated with fossil fuels, not having one at all completely removes that risk. Especially if you live in or are purchasing an older mobile home, replacing the existing oil, gas or propane furnace removes this risk and the associated maintenance of having propane/oil delivered to your home.

Heat pumps also don’t use any water which eliminates the heat pump as a source of potential water damage to your mobile home.

Simple Maintenance

Heat pumps should be serviced regularly, just like a furnace or a vehicle. Pacific Rim Heat Pumps Inc. recommends an annual maintenance and cleaning of your heat pump system to ensure it’s running at peak performance.

In between servicings, the interior air handler’s removable filter can be washed in warm water and detergent or vacuumed gently with a soft brush attachment. To keep the air flow clear, regular cleaning of the filters can easily be done by the homeowner every few months.

Save money on a new electric heat pump today!

Mitsubishi heat pumps are highly efficient machines that save you money and space in a mobile home. One ductless heat pump system eliminates the need for ductwork and multiple machines in order to achieve the heating and cooling you need. Provincial grants are also available to eligible homeowners when you switch from electric baseboard or fossil fuel heating systems to a qualifying heat pump system.

If you’re looking to increase energy efficiency in your mobile home, reduce the cost of servicing multiple units and breathe cleaner air, contact Pacific Rim Heat Pumps Inc. today for a free quote!

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