Changes for the Better

With our main office in Port Alberni, Pacific Rim Heat Pumps Inc. supplies and installs Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps in communities on Central Vancouver Island like Nanimo, Parksville, and more. We have chosen to work with Mitsubishi Electric products exclusively, as their quiet, easy-to-use and energy efficient operations put them in the lead of split-ductless heating and cooling technology. Our multi-split ductless and single ductless split heat pumps will provide your home with changes for the better in comfort, durability, and efficiency.

Quiet operation Strict performance tests Energy saving
Optimal temperature distribution Easy-to-clean design Money saving
Clean, filtered air available Replacement parts Space saving

Whisper-quiet technology that speaks volumes

Advanced technology from Mitsubishi Electric has led to the creation of super-quiet air conditioners suitable for all rooms of your home. At as low as 19 decibels, they’re so quiet you may not even notice they’re on. It’s the quiet comfort that comes standard with every Mr. Slim.


At the heart of Mr. Slim lies Variable Compressor Speed Inverter (VCSi) technology

Conventional compressors work through on/off cycles only, in which the system starts with a surge and stays on at a fixed speed until no longer needed. This on/off cycle constantly uses maximum power (full load) and is an inefficient way to heat or cool your home.

VCSi systems, on the other hand, operate efficiently by continually detecting changes in room temperature and readjusting the compressor speed to provide high-speed heating or cooling when needed. By maintaining a consistent temperature using only the power required (part load), your energy costs are reduced.

Two ways VCSi technology saves energy


You probably know that it takes more energy to start a car or computer than it takes to run it. The same is true for conventional heating and cooling units. With Mr. Slim, however, the compressor starts at a minimum speed (soft start) and increases to match the required load.

This prevents the compressor from drawing the extra amps needed during a start-up, as is the case with a conventional compressor that always runs at maximum speed.

Once the desired temperature of a room is reached, the compressor slows down to maintain a consistent temperature. By slightly adjusting speed instead of shutting off and turning on again, electrical loads are kept constant and minimal rather than peaking wastefully.

Advanced features for advanced comfort

Hyper heat at -25c

We start where others stop cold – Exceptional heating performance at -25˚C*

Low-ambient heating. It’s where most heat pumps struggle. For a heat pump to provide heat when the mercury gets ultra-low is no easy task. Thankfully, our single split heat pumps operate at outdoor temperatures as low as -20°C (-4°F). The Hyper-Heat FE and FH-series go even further, providing excellent heating performance down to -25°C (-13°F)*, continually operating on even the coldest of Canadian winter days. After all, being in Canada for over 30 years has taught us a few things.


Contact Us at Pacific Rim Heat Pumps Inc. for free in-home estimates and quotes on our products and services. Find out how advanced technology by Mitsubishi Electric can save you money, energy and space while keeping your family warm even on the coldest winter days.

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Why Choose us

Mitsubishi Electric is the industry leader in split-ductless air-conditioning technology – period. Compare and you’ll see that no one surpasses the Mitsubishi Electric brand’s performance for quiet, easy-to-use, and energy-efficient operation. And because our split-ductless technology carries the Mitsubishi Electric name, you know every product is built to last. The bottom line is, Mitsubishi Electric systems deliver the ultimate in comfort control for your home or office. It’s true today and will be comfortably evident for years to come.